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z/Transformation Technology Group has been created in order to provide a wide variety of companies with a suite of IT services that will improve the overall efficiency of the organization by better leveraging technology.

Initially our areas of speciality will include: 

  • z/VSE and z/VM installation, customization and configuration support

  • z/VSE and z/VM how to assistance for a myriad of products

  • z/VSE and z/VM performance and tuning

  • Portfolio evaluations/platform cost comparisons

  • Back-up/recovery and disaster recovery planning

  • Managed services planning/options evaluations

  • Cloud computing analysis and implementation

  • Big Data implementation and integration with the IBM z/Series

  • Security analysis and recommendations focusing on z/VSE and security appliances

  • Education and training on z/VSE


z/VSE Systems Programming Services
  • Product installation, configuration and customization

  • Release planning

  • Performance and Tuning

  • How To Assistance for products across the z/VSE product line

  • Work arounds for current z/VSE product limitations

  • Vendor coordination support to resolve current issues

Portfolio Analysis, Platform Comparisons and

Cost Containment

  • Complete analysis of currently installed portfolio

  • Platform comparisons

  • Justification Development for continuing on z/series platform and/or movement to the distributed platform

  • Migration plan cost and timing considerations

  • Cost minimization strategies for the z/Series platform

Back-up/Recovery Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Back-up/recovery planning

  • Disaster/recovery planning

  • Disaster/recovery best practices

Managed Services and

Cloud Computing


  • Managed services options including everything from "rent a programmer" to "virtual CIO" to complete outsourcing of the IT function

  • Cloud computing options analysis and implementation across platforms ranging from z/series to win-tel

  • How can the z/Series data be integrated with a Big Data solution

  • Integration of z/Series data into a data analytics/business intelligence solution

Big Data and Data Analytics and Integration with z/series​

Security Analysis for z/VSE Environment

  • z/VSE SSL analysis

  • TCP/IP for VSE performance and tuning

  • Work arounds for current TCP/IP for VSE product limitations

  • Analysis of z/VSE security environment

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