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z/Transformation Technology Group has been created in order to provide a wide myriad of companies with a suite of IT services that will improve the overall efficiency of the organization by better leveraging technology.

Initially our areas of speciality will include: 

  • z/VSE and z/VM installation, customization and configuration support

  • z/VSE and z/VM "how to" assistance for a myriad of products

  • z/VSE and z/VM performance and tuning

  • Portfolio evaluations/platform cost comparisons

  • Back-up/recovery and disaster recovery planning

  • Managed services planning/options evaluations

  • Cloud computing analysis and implementation

  • Big Data implementation and integration with the IBM z/series

  • Security analysis and recommendations focusing on z/VSE and security appliances

  • Education and training on z/VSE


Who are we?

The z/Transformation Technology Group is a group of very seasoned IT professionals with decades of experience in both the IBM z/series space and on distributed platforms.


The technical team includes:


Edward Franks

Ed has held a wide range of positions over the past 20+ years.  Much of his time was spent in the z/OS area.  He was formerly a lead developer on the TCP/IP for VSE product.  He specializes in security and communication challenges on z/VSE along with z/OS systems solutions.


Ray Granberry

Ray has been a consultant specializing in installing, configuring and customizing z/VSE environments.  He specializes in new installations, new release installations/planning and product migrations.


Ken McMahon

Ken spent over 20 years with IBM as a sales manager, sales specialist, technical marketing specialist, systems engineer and systems programmer.  Most recently he was the Director of Worldwide Sales for CSI International.  His areas of specialty include portfolio management, cost containment, platform comparisons, managed services, and cloud computing.


Ken Meyer

Ken has over 30 years of experience as a z/VSE product developer with Goal Systems, BI Moyle, CS International, and CA.  He has outstanding technical knowledge across the z/series platform.  He specializes in system automation and production control systems.  He also has experience with z/Linux


We will be looking to add resources to this list.  If you have a unique skillset that you feel would be of value in z/VSE, z/OS, z/Linux, z/VM, Linux, Windows or networking, please send an e-mail to



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