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The z/Transformation Technology Group provides a comprehensive suite of IT services specializing in z/VSE solutions.   We are an experienced group of IT professionals with decades of z/series and distributed platform experience.

The z/Transformation Technology Group now markets and sells BSI solutions and CA solutions.  In addition, z/Transformation Technology Group is looking to partner with several other vendors in the z/VSE and z/OS spaces.  Stay tuned as these exciting partnerships are formally announced.

z/VSE systems programming

We offer a wide myriad of z/VSE systems programming and applications programming expertise.  New release installation, product migrations, and new machine migration services are all available.

Expense Containment

We offer a wide range of services designed to maximize the value of your IT expenditures across platforms.  Vendor negotation, cloud computing, outsourcing options are all services we can provide.

New Technology Deployment

We provide guidance and assistance for clients evaluating the possibility of integrating cloud computing, big data and/or business intelligence into their environment.

1 z/VSE programming services


2. Expense Containment

3. New Technology Deployment

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Our experienced team can take the fear out of anything that your company is asking you to do.  Anything from replacing a retiring employee to getting to supported releases of software to reducing your software spend to creating a new DR solution to reviewing managed services options to considering the cloud or big data, we can help!

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